United to Paint a Home


Earlier this month, 40 people from four (4) different communities came together to paint a home in need in Woodcrest. Below includes an excerpt from Joshua Nelson, P.E. (Regional Vice President of CNC Engineering, Inc. in City of Industry).

“So we had a group of 23 people from CNC Engineering (Civil Engineers and Land Surveyors) from our City of Industry and Irvine offices. I think there were 5 or 6 from a Rooted group and 4 people from local schools that were getting community service hours and of course Rick and his wife. Naomi’s three older kids were also very helpful. So we probably have 40 people total painting. Everyone from CNC was very happy to help and they all want to do something like this more often – at least once per year but hopefully twice a year so keep your eyes open for us.”

Thank you to Joshua Nelson and this team for loving Fullerton in such a tangible way!!!


#UniteForCities #UniteForChange #LoveFullerton

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Carrying Each Other’s Burdens


by Brandon Morales

March 3rd, 2016

In order to ensure the privacy of the individuals discussed, names and places will be changed. Quotes have been paraphrased from memory.

A few weeks ago, we were tasked to visit a residential home that had been tagged for code violation in order to investigate whether or not there was something we could do to alleviate the family therein. A few days after exchanging a number of phone calls and scheduling a meeting, Jay and I drove down the street to a quiet cul-de-sac and met Miss Claiborne. As we exchanged greetings and entered her family’s backyard, we were blown away by the amount of old and used furniture, household appliances, computer monitors, moving boxes of books, and makeshift shelter. Walking through the tent like infrastructure, supported by curtain rods and covered in blue and green tarps, I couldn’t help but ask where all of this stuff came from.


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#LoveFullerton: Upcoming Serve Days and Other Love Movement Opportunities




  • Love Fullerton Citywide Serve Day: April 30, 2016

As we get closer to these Serve Day dates, please watch for more details on how you can participate. Let’s work together!

Interested in participating in the community in other ways? We have suggestions on our website on ways you can get involved. Learn more on how you can…

We encourage you to figure out ways you can personally make a difference by inviting your network of friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to incorporate this in your lives. Let’s continue to search for ways we can serve by demonstrating kindness, meeting needs and impacting lives with love throughout the year.

Thank you for your support for LOVE FULLERTON! We are grateful.
VISIT LoveFullerton.org

#LoveFullerton Citywide Serve Day volunteers prepare our project team signs the morning of May 9, 2015. Photo courtesy of Sharon Mo

#LoveFullerton Citywide Serve Day volunteers prepare our project team signs the morning of May 9, 2015. Photo courtesy of Sharon Mo

Love Fullerton at Rancho Fullerton

My wife and I are new to Fullerton.

Prior to 2013, I was living in Los Angeles and my beautiful wife, Penny, was living in Laguna Hills.  When we married in 2013, we moved to Fullerton because it’s about halfway between her work in Irvine and mine in LA.  We now live in Rancho Fullerton, a senior community not far from the Fullerton DMV.

Shortly after we arrived, we volunteered to be the editors of Rancho Fullerton’s monthly newsletter.  In this role, we were determined to keep our neighbors informed about events and activities going on around town and to encourage them to be involved.

When then-Mayor Doug Chaffee came to visit our community and mentioned Love Fullerton, Penny and I were inspired to find out more. A little journalistic detective work led us to the Love Fullerton website, then to First EV Free Church, then to Jay Williams, the impetus behind Love Fullerton.  When Penny and I met with Jay, his ideas and his vision inspired us to bring Love Fullerton to our neighbors’ doorsteps.  We asked ourselves, how can we motivate Rancho Fullerton residents to help less-fortunate Fullertonians? And how can we motivate our more-fortunate neighbors to reach out to our less-fortunate ones right here in Rancho Fullerton?

Penny and I invited Jay to visit us at Rancho Fullerton to talk about Love Fullerton. We wrote flyers and newsletter articles. We talked about Love Fullerton to everyone and at every opportunity.  In the end, Love Fullerton at Rancho Fullerton came down to two activities: a group of Rancho residents helped spruce up the local elementary school, and another group made quilts for homeless families.


Our quilts-for-the-homeless project generated quite a bit of enthusiasm among our neighbors.  First EV Free Church donated fabric. Penny and I and several of our neighbors donated some, too.  We had enough to make about 12 quilts.  We made packages of quilt-sized pieces, designed so that even a person who knows only a little about sewing could make one, and gave them to several of our neighbors, who set to work on making their creations.

Meanwhile, Penny and I sought an organization to which we could donate the finished quilts.  Our search took us to Pathways of Hope, a Fullerton organization that helps homeless individuals and families get back on their feet.  When our quilts were finished, the quilters delivered them to Pathways and were treated to a tour of their facilities. It was the perfect culmination to a marvelous Love Fullerton-inspired neighborhood-based project!

Delivering the quilts to Pathways of HopeDelivering the quilts to Pathways of HopeThe Rancho Fullerton Quilters and their creations

The Rancho Fullerton Quilters and their creations

CareerWise Helps the Homeless Find Employment

BY suleymi recinos

On May 9, 2015, there were two CareerWise workshop training sessions held during Love Fullerton’s Citywide Serve Day. The workshops gave people in the community an opportunity to receive information on how to help the homeless population develop skills needed to find employment.


CareerWise joined Love Fullerton for the first time for the May 9, 2015 #LoveFullerton Citywide Serve Day. TOP Image courtesy of CareerWise. LEFT-RIGHT Images courtesy of Iman Nasir

CareerWise is an non-profit organization that offers the homeless population assistance in employment. Volunteers are trained and they work together to coach clients with job interviews, computer skills, writing resumes, networking, and GED completion.

This is all at no cost to their clients. Volunteers, retirees and college interns are always needed to continue providing these services.

CareerWise’s executive director talks with the Love Fullerton community about her non-profit and what volunteers can do to help throughout the year to help the homeless. Image courtesy of Sharon Mo


Here are some members of the CareerWise team on the morning of May 9, 2015 at the #LoveFullerton Citywide Serve Day. Image courtesy of Sharon Mo

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, it is not too late to learn more about homelessness and discover how you can help clients find employment. You may meet representatives with several organizations that help the homeless, including CareerWise, at two workshops this month.

June6forumOn Saturday, June 6th,  the ‘Forum on Homelessness in Fullerton and North OC’ will be hosted at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fullerton, CA from 7-9 pm.

Featured speakers who are invited to attend that evening include: Eve Garrow, ACLU, Bob Cernise, Anaheim Poverty Task Force, Cynthia Sanchez, OCCCO, Police Department Homeless liaison officers, CareerWise members, Ariel Yarish Future in Humanity and a Fullerton city council member. The panel will also include: a Q&A, group activity on solutions, networking and tabling/volunteer opportunities.

If you are attending, please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Pathways of Hope food bank.

Meet CareerWise and other organizations at the Fullerton ACT Homelessness 101 workshop on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

Meet CareerWise and other organizations at the Fullerton ACT Homelessness 101 workshop on Saturday, June 13, 2015.

On Saturday, June 13th, the ‘Homelessness 101’ workshop hosted by Fullerton ACT will educate the public about understanding the causes of homelessness, mental health issues, resources available, and best practices when wanting to help the homeless population. There will be a Q&A session with representatives from several community organizations that help those experiencing homelessness.

This session will be hosted on Saturday morning at Woodcrest Elementary from 9am-12pm. If interested, you may visit: fullertonact.org. (For fast registration for this FREE event, click on the Eventbrite website HERE)

Homeless People Want to Work

Homeless People Want to Work

Love Fullerton Citywide Serve Days are a great way to meet your neighbors and discover new opportunities to serve with one another all year-round in Fullerton!

By learning about needs in the community and organizations and individuals who are working together to help, perhaps you may find a way you can volunteer locally and make a difference in Fullerton and beyond.

What does CareerWise do?

CareerWise transfers career skills free-of-charge to homeless people. CareerWise volunteers write resumes; coach clients in preparation for job interviews, networking, job search, and job retention; and volunteers also help with tutoring, computer skills and GED completion. These services are one-to-one. CareerWise also meets people who are homeless where they are, thus minimizing such challenging issues related to transportation, childcare, and self-esteem.

How to volunteer with CareerWise:
CareerWise volunteers receive free training and work as Career Mentors in small teams at homeless shelters, food distribution centers, and parks. If you’d like to join a team or form your own team of family members, friends, couples, please let CareerWise know!

If you would like to create opportunity for homeless people (and their children), please volunteer to be a CareerWise Mentor, contacting us at CLICK HERE or 714-515-2070. More details are available online at our website: CareerWiseServices.org and on the CareerWise Facebook page (CLICK HERE)

UPDATE from #LoveFullerton Citywide Serve Day 2015

Our 2nd Annual #LoveFullerton Citywide Serve Day was amazing! THANK YOU for serving with us on May 9, 2015.

Love Fullerton morning gathering before teams are deployed to serve at various sites throughout the city. Image courtesy of Iman Nasir

Love Fullerton Citywide Serve Day • May 9, 2015 – The morning begins with a gathering. Teams get ready to serve at various sites throughout the city. Image courtesy of Iman Nasir

Along with nearly 3,000 people, we worked together to demonstrate kindness, meet needs and impact lives with love. What a memorable day of working together throughout the city to unite and care for our community.

We thank everyone who supported this great day of loving our city and neighbors in such amazing ways. We’re excited to hear from all of you about your experiences as you reflect on our day together. We know you have some great stories as you went throughout the city to serve in our neighborhoods, gathering spaces and hidden places. We’d love to hear them!

We also wanted to celebrate by sharing this short list of ways Love Fullerton impacted the city:

  • Nearly 3,000 volunteers offered 8,500 hours of volunteer work
  • 19 city projects with 650 volunteers to love our city parks and community places
  • 60 ladies from local shelters pampered at the Spa Day by caring cosmetologists and volunteers
  • 20 ladies & 25 kids from WTLC enjoyed a terrific Mother’s Day brunch
  • 30 board and care homes were visited by their loving neighbors
  • 8 local shelters received some TLC
  • 18 schools were loved on with over 900 volunteers
  • 60 pints of blood were donated generating $1,800 for Coast to Coast Foundation
  • 70 folks loved on our city’s homeless population
  • 3 homes red-tagged by the city got some much-needed help
  • 80 blankets made for kids attending Royal Family Kids Camp this summer
  • $60,000 donated by our Love Fullerton sponsors
  • 10,000 square feet of wall space was painted along Valencia Ave between Woods and Richman
  • 6 large lots were cleaned up and cleared of debris by 200 hardworking volunteers from the Sunburst Academy
  • 12 gaga ball pits were installed and donated to 12 of our schools
  • 15 neighborhood kids enjoyed a basketball camp sponsored by Sunny Hills HS players
  • 45 foster families enjoyed a fun-filled fair at EvFree, with 170 in attendance
  • 10 footballs were launched into the rally crowd; those who caught them were each given a $100 bill and told to pay it forward and share their stories
  • 25 Police cars were washed and waxed with lots of love and appreciation
  • 40 volunteers spruced up Fox Theatre in preparation for their big opening day coming soon
  • 500 lbs of donated food was collected for some of our local food banks

Our community-wide day of service was an opportunity to see what love can do when we join together. We’re sure you have memorable stories of your experiences from May 9th. We encourage you to share them with us and with others in your network. We’d love your input for our evaluation forms so we can hear what you’d like to do to help improve our time together. In the future, we will continue to engage with many in our community and discover more ways to love our city and community. We’d warmly welcome your involvement and hope you will invite others in your network of friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to join us.
MISSION: Demonstrating Kindness // Meeting Needs // Impacting Lives with Love


We are grateful to all our sponsors for their support of the 2nd Annual Love Fullerton Citywide Serve day on May 9, 2015

We are grateful to all our sponsors for their support of the 2nd Annual Love Fullerton Citywide Serve day on May 9, 2015

On Memorial Day, We Remember Our Fallen Veterans

By Sharon Mo

Volunteers clean the Veterans Memorial and spruce up Hillcrest Park on May 9, 2015. Photo by Iman Nasir

Volunteers clean the Veterans Memorial and spruce up Hillcrest Park on May 9, 2015. Photo by Iman Nasir

Memorial Day is a national holiday. For some, this may be seen as an opportunity to enjoy a day off from work and relax with family and friends. Yet, there is more to this day. Memorial day is a time we remember those veterans who have died in the service of our country. This day was first enacted to honor those in the Union Army who died in the American Civil War. However, after the first World War, this was expanded to include American casualties of any war or military action.

At Hillcrest Park, we have gathered outdoors for lunch during our Love Fullerton Citywide Serve days in an area that has a Veteran’s Memorial. Have you seen it?

Hillcrest Park - Weary volunteers rest in the shade of a monument in memory of those who served our country. (Image courtesy of Shou Mo)

Hillcrest Park – Weary volunteers rest in the shade of a monument in memory of those who served our country. (Image courtesy of Shou Mo)

On May 9, 2015, we joined the City of Fullerton Parks and Recreation department to spruce up the parks.

Our Love Fullerton volunteers also took the opportunity to clean and refurbish the Veteran’s monument at Hillcrest park. Our volunteers worked on replanting the area, repainting the lettering, and putting in new edging.

We remember the fallen. We will not forget.

Volunteers gather by Veteran’s Memorial to help spruce up the area. Photo by Shou Mo

Volunteer carries gardening supplies in Hillcrest Park. Photo by Shou Mo


Volunteer carefully cleans Veterans Memorial on May 9, 2105. The memorial is dedicated to the Fullerton residents who served the country in a major war. Photo by Shou Mo

Volunteers get ready to spruce up the Veterans Memorial at Hillcrest Park on Ma 9, 2015. Photo courtesy of Shou Mo

Volunteers get ready to spruce up the Veterans Memorial at Hillcrest Park on Ma 9, 2015. Photo courtesy of Shou Mo

Did you know that Fullerton has the oldest continuous Memorial Day ceremony in Orange County? The Fullerton program began in 1939 when C. Stanley Chapman, son of the city’s first mayor, began the tradition of placing a small white cross and an American flag at the grave of each veteran at Loma Vista.

SEE details on 2015 salute Fullerton Memorial Day Service at Loma Vista Memorial Park http://www.cityoffullerton.com/news/displaynews.asp?NewsID=1952&TargetID=1

UPDATE: SEE Behind the Badge story for more images from the event.

For more about Hillcrest Park see 2014 story by Erin Haselton https://lovefullerton.wordpress.com/2014/05/27/hillcrest-park2/

#LoveFullerton Volunteers Help with Fox Theatre Renovation

By Sule Recinos

View from the street of Fox Theatre on May 9, 2015.

View from the street of Fox Theatre on May 9, 2015. Photo by Sharon Mo

On May 9th for Love Fullerton Citywide Serve day, Love Fullerton volunteers helped with cleaning the Fox Theatre in preparation for Fox Fullerton Speakeasy days on Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23. Forty volunteers varying from the Girl Scouts, college students from Fullerton College and California State University Fullerton, Fox volunteers, Sigma Nu fraternity and community members helped with cleaning the theater. Many task efforts involved cleaning the courtyard, sweeping dust off the stage, pulling weeds and some heavy lifting. There was also the following weekend in which Fox volunteers dedicated to getting the theater ready for the event.

#LoveFullerton volunteers get ready to serve at the Fox Theatre on May 9, 2015.

The morning of May 9, 2015, #LoveFullerton volunteers get ready to serve at the Fox Theatre on Photo courtesy of Laurinda Steinmeyer

“Anytime we have a group of people it does make a difference and contributes to the effort. We are forever grateful for that,” said Pat Shepard, Fox Fullerton Theatre Volunteer Coordinator.

Fox Theatre Speakeasy Days Poster

The Historic Fox Theatre in Fullerton Turns 90! 1920s Speakeasy Days Celebration Is Planned for Memorial Day Weekend.

Fox Fullerton Speakeasy day’s event will celebrate the theatre’s 90th birthday. It is free to the public. Classic cars and music from the 1920s will be played as well in remembrance of when the theatre first opened in 1925. Food and drinks will be provided from Heroes Restaurant who will donate proceeds from sales of the event to continue helping the Fox Theatre in its restoration project efforts.

Some recent renovations that have been done are demolition and drywall installation by Gilbert Ayala Construction.


Writer Sule gets ready to sweep up at Fox Theatre during Love Fullerton Citywide Serve Day

Mike Robbick, coordinator for the restoration of the Fox Theatre sign, oversaw and gathered a crew of volunteers to disassemble, refurbish and reinstall the original sign to working condition. This was also done in collaboration with Bivar Inc. who donated the led light bulbs and rewiring. The lighting of the Fox Theatre roof top sign at this weekends’ Speakeasy event will be the first time it has been lighted in decades.

Although, the theater will be open to the public for viewing during this weekends’ event, renovation is still continuous. Currently some continuous renovations to the theatre are constructing restrooms and Evergreene architectural arts is still in process of restoring and replicating throughout the building.

“It’s a big part in the history of the city, an icon and I just wouldn’t want to see it go away,” said Shepard.

Fox Theatre is always in need of volunteers, to find out more information on how to volunteer or to continue volunteering after serving with Love Fullerton visit http://www.foxfullerton.org for more information.

More about Fox Fullerton Speakeasy Days

See Orange County Register article for more behind-the-scenes info about Fox Theatre: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/letters-662317-hobbick-wilson.html?page=1

READ more stories on our LOVE FULLERTON blog: https://lovefullerton.wordpress.com/